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3rd floor seminar - G. Christakopoulou

Seminari del Terzo Piano
  25 Novembre 2022 17:00

  Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene - Doro Levi lecture Hall

3rd Floor Seminar

A time to die. Shaping life and death through tombs and artifacts in EIA Stamna

by Gioulika Christakopoulou

(Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports - Ephorate of Antiquities of Achaia))

Convenor: Giorgia Di Lorenzo (IASA Post-Doc)


To participate, attendees must register by filling up the following form: 
The seminar can also be followed online, via Zoom. Please email us about 24 hours before the event at: IASAseminars2022@gmail.com and we will send you the link to attend the lecture online. 




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  • 25 Novembre 2022 17:00

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